Ron Hunt recalls life in the RAAF as an Air Defence Officer between 1968 and 1972


Ron joined the RAAF in September 1968 with a four-year Short Service commission as an Air Defence Officer. He spent a few months at 2 CRU then completed his fighter controller course at 1 CRU and Officers' Training School course at Point Cook. He spent the remainder of his term in the RAAF at 3 CRU and became one of the initial team of RAAF members to take over the development and maintenance of the HUBCAP operational computer system from the original civilian contractors: Plessey Radar and Scientific Control Systems Ltd (SCSL). Ron's recollections of life as an Air Defence Officer are witty and informative of a period in RAAF radar history at the beginning of the 'computer age' in air defence:

Short snips of things that happened at 3CRU over 30 years back: Ron_Hunt_3CRU1968.doc









“Could Have Been Worse!”
The early days at 3CRU really were very boring!  There as a limit to how much volley ball we could play – or gardens to dig – or episodes of Sesame Street to watch on television!
I was just a little “desperate” to do something.  Anything!  So I started visiting the Orderly Room quite often, submitting applications to do courses.  ANY courses!