The 2019-2020 elected Radar Branch members of office are as follows:

President: Bruce Niblett

Vice President: Ray O'Donoghue

Secretary: Ian Gibson

Treasurer: Tony Rogers

WELFOs: Vacant

Compensation Advocate: Bill Forsbey JP

Membership Officer: Ray O'Donoghue

Bulletin Editor: Jim Stewart

Branch Historian: Jim Stewart

Asst Historian: Howie Campbell

QLD REP: Brett Nottage

Events Officers: Diane Taylor

Committee Members: John King, Narelle Owen

Comments are requested to be sent to the Secretary by email to











Air Commodore D. Bowden AM (Ret’d)

Air Vice Marshal R.B. Treloar AO (Ret’d)

Senior RAAF Member

GPCAPT Lyle Holt